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Brown Eyes

Within those brown eyes

I see my whole life unfold

A story that is often told

A couple madly in love

Together they dream big, live large and create beautiful life

Just as Gatsby and Daisy

No obstacles can defeat us

We put each other through heaven, hell and back

Nothing can throw our love off track

No fight, Miss-trust or distance

Could ever make our love become non-existence

As my best friend, love and life

I vow to never let you out of my sight

Everything cannot fall into place without you by my side

Through our wars, peace and adventures you are my guide

You remove my pain and show me the beautiful rise of the sunlight

Your love and support

Is something I remain grateful for

Your kiss is breathtaking

When our lips are distance apart, I am left with no remarks

Except the overwhelming feeling of bliss which rushes throguh my very veins

Your hugs are the only thing in the world that keeps me sane

Our live is comparabe to a drug addict and cocaine

I need him to survive

Believe me when I say

I saw this all in his brown eyes

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