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"Everything Untold"

Nothing can replace the natural sublime

This is where our great passion resides

Capturing the awe-inspiring mise en scene

trying to fathom, to see, what can't be seen

I see and hear the buzzing, the whistling, the rustling

I could see my touch fade, the constant thriving

But it was all just a disguise

The sun begins consoling

the life of verdant trees unfolding

the stems of hope unholding

even throughout everything untold

The gentle whispers of the leaves pushing

the breeze to caress me

Longing to reassure me but I remain resolved

Beyond the rich rooted trail I catch a

glimpse of the Jerusalem cherry basking

in its glory

Reminding me of all the stories that haven't

and will not ever receive a grand jury

My heavy heart will remain fortified

because my country is still occupied.

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