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Writing Hope Book

Writing Hope Strategies for Writing Success in Secondary Schools:

A Strengths-Based Approach to Teaching Writing

(Sieben, 2018)

Brill | Sense Publishers

Available Now in paperback and hardcover on the Sense Publishers website, Amazon, and (or in eBook available at EBSCO and Ebrary).

Check out the first two chapters of the book here at the Free Preview link on this page:

Articles & Resources

Articles on Building Writing Hope In Schools

“‘Why Are You a Teacher?’ and Other Questions My Students Dared to Ask” (Sieben, English Journal, November 2013)

“Collaboration Fosters Hope” (Sieben & Hultberg, English Leadership Quarterly, April 2015)

"My Compliments to You" (Sieben, NCTE Blog, 2015) 

Additional Writing Hope Resources

Sieben, N. (2016). Teaching writing hope for a just writing society. The English Record, 67(1), 99–121.


Sieben, N. (2017). Building hopeful secondary school writers through effective feedback strategies.

English Journal, 106(6), 48–53.

A Casual Conversation about Hope with Dr. Nicole Sieben: Overview and Teaching Connections (2017) 

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