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"The Things I See"

O how beautiful are the colors of the sky

to say the opposite no one would dare

I see people full of happiness with their love filling the sky

I see people full in despair thinking does the world even care

Wondering if this life is even fair

Or is it just an animal's lair

I see a man working hard to protect and support

And a woman that cares more than any king and lord

To do her duties she works and works

I see a tree praising and calling from its barks

Calling for the lord of all

And praying for him to help anything that falls

I see a kid absent minded

Wondering if his love even cares

I see a world full of love and care

But where we are looking and what we are asking

Changes how we see this world

Is it full of love and care?

Or is it just hate and despair?

I see a girl shining like a rose

Her beauty affects me like an overdose

O how beautiful is her smile

That makes my day longer than the Nile

I see mother nature full of surprises

With its powers that can heal or lead to obstruction

Typhoons earthquakes and volcanoes full of destruction

But are equally repaired and reconstructed

Hope, love, grace, and faith can be the best deflection

Even Natures worst surprises

Can always lead to hope that arises

I see the best contradictions

From a single tear

To a whole fountain of laughter

From a human that commits mass slaughter

To a human that will protect any life as if it is the life of his son and daughter

O how beautiful are the colors of the sky

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