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"A Good Man is Hard to Find"

There are a few like you,

That deserve the approbation,

Not the antipathy

They are rare, rare I shall declare.

They know, they surely know it’s the effulgence of love

That lies where ages and ages hence

Have been tracit,

Where I myself commence

To rise in love

Never to fall

For love at first is a seed

That later grows and grows

Into a tree I suppose

That later shall bare the good,

And oh, I do know

That one day I shall meet you

Where the sun shall meet the moon

And by that we shall be bestowed

We shall be ebullient

Living the love the life,

And know that for love we are truculent,

For our hearts were never tractable

It’s a curse that falls upon us

But hath never led us to destruction

For we choose, we must choose

Not to fall but to rise in love

And only love

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